Kooky Roo Plod

by Cahoots

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Recorded Summer of '14 in the Vanilla Ice Pool House


released April 30, 2015

Thanks to Emily Fine for violin and Maggie Rogers for singing on Jane
Thanks to Will Kraus for additional production


tags: pop dogs New York


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Cahoots New York, New York

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Track Name: Man on the Screen
a man
i work beside
just raised a knife
to another man
some people shouldn't go to parties
some people shouldn't drink moonshine at parties
no, i never knew him
but the sun drives us wild sometimes

paint dries
as life whirls
passing by
blurring mind highway
under the summer sky

and it's always warm outside
for a guy carrying a knife

they say
a cigarette a day
keeps the doctor away
so they say
i'd like to take a woman
no particular woman
on a vacation

my mustache
it laughs
as time passes
by wondering why
is it so so grey

i think that
that i'd rather be a man
like you see
on the television screen
never really working

and it's always warm outside
for a guy carrying such strife

maybe its all this smog
pulling nails for my thumbs
that's got me in this bog
the receptors in my brain
talk like spiny lizards
doing pushups
just because

i think that
i'd like to be a man
like a character you see
on the television screen
never really working
Track Name: Playing Possum
talk talk talking man
capital a angry man
bored moved away a while
with the tv cord
dragging along behind ya

well its a thursday again
and where do i begin
foreign woman friend
standing in our kitchen

it's all such nonsense
i'm losing my respect
and we are just kids
how should i react

is spewing
from the grip of your hand

is skewing
the view of the past

you can't always play opossum
but truthfully the past is the past
its your kingdom

its all such nonsense
i am losing my patience
and no you're not kidding
but tell me how am I supposed to react
Track Name: Jane (NoT Cover)
what a shame it is
to wake up
without hold of your
own thoughts
i'm sure it is
asking yourself questions
asking everybody else questions
like who's that on the phone
and where'd that dog come from
and is my husband
in the kitchen
the new pope
designing angels
reflecting the sun
to save us all
from apocalyptic defeat
sweet sweet jane

can you recall
all the stories you told
can you recall
those days at school
me wanting to show you off
i'm sorry sweet jane
for my criticizing
you driving too slow
i'd drive down
the wrong side
of the road
again with you
if i could let you
remember those days
oh sweet jane
Track Name: Beeb
my spine is making time
for the goosebumps
filling the air tonight
so i stop my walk
to hear the hearts
of everything beating as one
it takes nothing at all
to see my chest beating
a squirl reaches out
to tell me i'm in good company
among these trees
dancing off time with you
below the rounded clouds
in the shape of your cheeks

i'm feeling alive
i used to wake up
with my gaze looking like
the greenish dead eye
of a carp dragged from high tide
i was barely a guy
i tell myself out here
beneath the sky
sprinkled like the freckles of your cheeks
oh my beeb

your belly
how it fills me
when we're lying down
so simply
underneath the moon
of your eyes twinkling
beside your cheeks
oh my beeb

you got to tell me
why is it
that i want to tell you everything
and why is it
that you make me feel everything real
oh my beeb